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Lil Wayne Still Doesn’t Care About Black People


Lil Wayne has, on repeated occasions now, expressed outright disdain for the Black Lives Matter movement. When asked about it, he responds indignantly, as if offended that somebody might be curious about his thoughts on one of the most prominent social movements of our time.

So of course, any interviewer worth their salt is going to mention it because they know that, more likely than not, they’re going to get a headline-worthy quote out of him. And so we get this clip from an interview Wayne did with Nightline that aired Tuesday night.

Watch below.

I don’t know man. I hate when people tell entertainers and athletes to shut up about politics and social issues and to “stick to” whatever field it is that they’ve found success in, as if being famous somehow disqualifies you from having a reasoned opinion on something. But on this topic, Wayne needs to shut his damn mouth and stick to Rap.

UPDATED: Wayne offered up one of those “sorry if you were offended” non-apologies to TMZ, blaming his response to the reporter’s BLM inquiry on him being thrown off by an earlier question about his daughter. That’s fine and all, but what’s the excuse for the other times he’s disparaged the movement?

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9 Responses to “Lil Wayne Still Doesn’t Care About Black People”

  1. Trump16 Says:

    Or you could take your own advice and stick to blogging about rap

  2. King James Says:

    Wayne looked washed but he’s no different than a lot of entertainers

    Michael “No Niggas” Jordan probably says the same shit behind closed doors

  3. King James Says:

    Casket & Amp chime in on this lol

  4. spirit equality Says:

    He acknowledged that Black people were being shot by police for “f–keeps up reasons” but y’all just skimmed past that huh? Listening comprehension is at an all time low. If he thinks the reasons are effed up, he clearly acknowledges something wrong is occurring. Just because he doesn’t want to associate himself with BLM doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Black people. Y’all act like dude is doing cartwheels because he’s happy we’re getting shot smh

  5. spirit equality Says:

    Autocorrect ruined my spelling of f–ked. Autocorrect doesn’t care about Black people.

  6. AmpGeez a.k.a. Strawberita Shawty Says:

    Why is Nightline interviewing Lil Wayne tho?

    Specifically about a topic they already know his views on???

    There’s an agenda at work. Wayne is being used as a pawn

  7. D.G Says:

    @AmpGeez….. Exactly, someone that gets it. As the great Dick Gregory says “this is all a game” being played on the people.

  8. eskay Says:

    >>Just because he doesn’t want to associate himself with BLM doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Black people.

    nah. he specifically said that because he’s rich, that means that America already understands that BLM. he’s under no obligation to support that movement, but he’s not acknowledging shit, he’s in a bubble and he sounds like a coon.

  9. blkbizness Says:

    @ampgeez and for all who concur…so yeah Nightline made an attempt to Pimp LW for their hidden, yet so obvious agenda. question is, did they succeed? If you listen closely, he’s not giving them exactly what they want. Yes, he gave them a minstrel show by some opinion but what they didnt get were specific sound bytes of him explicitly denouncing the BLM. The only segment of people who are reacting to this are BLACK people. If anything, this only raises the BLM to a higher standard. Through all the criticsm, this footage is actually bringing black people closer together. Should we all wake up tomorrow and learn, through leaked documentation, that members of the BLM were carrying deeds counter to their beliefs, then LW would perceived as a genius. Point is – dont count your chickens before they hatch and under no circumstance, take things at face value — especially edited footage produced by Nightline.

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