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Kanye Blames Apple, TIDAL & Jay Z for WTT2 Delay


It’s hard to deny the ease and convenience of the streaming era for music consumers. It can’t be overstated how much frustration and time is saved by not having to purchase or download individual mp3s, then upload them or add them to whatever cloud music storage system you prefer in order to get what you want where you want it.

Being able to simply click on a track and add it to a playlist is ridiculously simple and having an enormous library of music at your fingertips makes it so much easier to discover new (or old) artists, tracks and albums.

But I have long been of the opinion that this ongoing war between streaming services is an affront to customers. In their effort to distinguish themselves from each other, some of these services (notably Apple and TIDAL) have went all in on the despicable “exclusives” trend.

It may help their bottom line, but listeners are forced to pay for at least two different services that have mostly similar catalogs with the exception of a negligible amount of tracks that are “exclusive” to each. This is bullshit and it’s a great disservice to us as fans of music. I fucking despise iTunes as an application and platform, but I can’t deny that Apple Music has most of the stuff I want to hear before Spotify or TIDAL because of their ruthless pursuit of exclusive content.

Last night at his Life of Pablo Tour stop in Seattle, Kanye expressed his frustration over the holdup of the sequel to him and Jay Z’s Watch The Throne 2 album because of, as he puts it, “this TIDAL/Apple bullshit”. I can appreciate his frustration, but he had to know what he was signing up for when he stood on that stage with Jay back in 2015. These kinds of political roadblocks were inevitable once these services decided they were going to insist on keeping certain albums and songs all to themselves.

I’m not sure what the holdup is in this situation, but I can only assume that TIDAL wants to keep the album exclusive to their service and Kanye probably wants it on Apple Music, because why wouldn’t he? Interestingly enough, Kanye says that the reason that the version of Drake’s “Pop Style” with him and Jay didn’t appear on Views was because Jay didn’t want to insult his friend Meek Mill.

Then he says it turned into a disagreement about “percentages on songs”, so who knows. At the end of the day, we as listeners shouldn’t have to care about this shit. Just give us our music and figure that shit out among yourselves however you need to. But you need to figure it out quickly, because now we’re at a point where we’re paying for multiple services and we still can’t get the music we want.

Watch Kanye’s rant below.

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5 Responses to “Kanye Blames Apple, TIDAL & Jay Z for WTT2 Delay”

  1. Clo3o5 Says:

    That’s why I’ll pay for Spotify and pirate the shit that’s not on there. Fuck em.

  2. eskay Says:

    I would also add that, it’s not even really about the money. Twenty bucks a month to maintain two services isn’t a huge deal, it’s really about not being able to create the playlists I want to create because of the separation.

  3. Clo3o5 Says:

    I feel you on that.

  4. King James Says:

    Kanye finally seeing for himself how much of a leech Jay is. Kanye rebirthed and reinvented Hov’s career so many times.

  5. King James Says:

    Amp whats your opinion?

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