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Bobby Shmurda Sentenced, Says Plea Was Coerced


On Wednesday morning in Manhattan Criminal Court Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to 7-years in prison on charges of conspiracy and weapons possession. The sentence is in line with the deal he was reported to have reached with the prosecutor back in September, however, that didn’t stop the rapper from announcing in open court that he felt coerced to take the deal and didn’t feel like his attorney was properly representing his interests. According to the NY Daily News, Shmurda exclaimed, “I was forced to take this sentence. I don’t want to take this sentence,” and expressed a desire to back out of the deal and fire his lawyer Alex Spiro.

When Spiro asked the judge to delay the sentencing, he was shut down and the hearing moved forward anyway. Which is kind of crazy to me. The state’s case against Bobby was always very suspect, but now you have this young Black kid that I think we can all agree was probably not anywhere near as involved with the activities of his gang as some of his co-defendants, saying on the record that he was forced into making a deal.

Even if Shmurda panicked in that moment and suddenly realized the gravity of his situation, I feel like it would be a good idea to at least hear him out. This case is yet another a perfect example of how the criminal justice system will chew up and spit out young people of color who can’t properly maneuver the courts. The fact that at the time of his arrest he was a hugely popular performer just makes it that much worse. He was supposed to have the resources to make bail and the right people in his life to advise him.

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