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Video: Swet Shop Boys – T5

Here’s a great new visual from Swet Shop Boys, the new duo comprised of Heems and Riz MC, or Riz Ahmed, who you may recognize from the excellent HBO series The Night Of. The track and video for “T5” take a look at the racial profiling experienced by brown people, particularly those of Middle Eastern or Asian descent, across the globe each day. In this example, our protagonists run into some beef while attempting to embark from an American airport. When Heems and Riz try to board a flight at JFK’s Terminal 5, some TSA fuckery ensues as it so often can in real life.

The Swet Shop Boys debut project, Cashmere, drops October 14th. I’ve included two other tracks from the album, “Tiger Hologram” and “Zayn Malik”, below.

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