Desiigner Arrested on Gun & Drug Charges


Desiigner went and got himself arrested in New York City on Thursday night (September 8) following what seems like an entirely avoidable road rage incident. According to TMZ, the G.O.O.D Music artist was riding in an SUV with 4 other people when he got into an argument with someone in another vehicle. That person says a gun was brandished and proceeded to take down the license plate number and call the cops. When the NYPD caught up with the Desiigner’s truck, they searched it and found the weapon and a number of pills, including Oxycontin, in the center console.

Everybody in the vehicle was arrested, and as of Friday morning, were still in custody. TMZ says the rapper and his associates are now facing felony weapons and drug charges. As many rappers have learned the hard way, NYC doesn’t play that firearm shit. Possession of a weapon in the city can land you an automatic three-year sentence. It seems like somebody took that Future line about doing what you want when you’re poppin’ a bit literally.

Continue below for some footage of the arrest. UPDATED: As it turns out, there was no gun in Desiigner’s vehicle and he has been released without bail and the weapons charge has been dropped. He still faces a drug charge, but the ‘intent to distribute’ designation has also been dropped making it a much less serious simple possession case. UPDATED: The NYPD really shit the bed on this one. TMZ now says that all of the drugs that were recovered were steroids and likely belonged to the driver.

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