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The NY Post Tries to Call Out Ka


The NY Post is a disgraceful, conservative-leaning gossip rag that is not worth the paper its printed on. They are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which should tell you everything you need to know about their editorial tone, and they’ve been known to shame the homeless and endorse woefully unqualified blustering racists for president. On the cover of their Sunday edition, they tried to call out Ka, one of the most lyrically gifted MCs making music out of NYC in some time, over his day job as a New York City Fire captain.

Citing some of his lyrics that indict police brutality and crooked cops, the rag is at the least trying to create a controversy where this is none, and at worst trying to get Ka fired from his job. The lyrics they printed are par for the course with much of the rhetoric you’ve been hearing from rappers for years, and particularly over the past several months with the rise of Black Lives Matter and increased public awareness around the injustices faced by people of color daily at the hands of law enforcement.

But to the Post’s conservative readership, who will generally stand behind the actions of police unequivocally, this type of article is sure to get them particularly riled up. I say fuck those people and The Post. Ka is simply exercising his right to freedom of speech, that same right that racists love to refer to when they spew their own hateful bullshit and then end up being called out for it. I don’t hear Ka encouraging any illegal activity or trying to incite violence against law enforcement. All I hear him doing is expressing a sentiment that is prevalent amongst Black communities all over the country. Here’s to hoping his union stands behind so he can keep putting out the realest Rap in the city and saving lives.

Grab his new album Honor Killed the Samurai now, you won’t regret it.

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3 Responses to “The NY Post Tries to Call Out Ka”

  1. Brolic fonts Says:

    No disrespect to fdny, but I hope Ka gets enough publicity off this to pursue his lyrical craft full time. Shun is nice with the words

  2. Brolic fonts Says:

    In fact this publicity reminds me to cop the album.

  3. grammasta Says:

    Post just gave sun the ill lane…lol

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