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Drake Disses Hot 97, Flex at MSG


The first of six consecutive Summer Sixteen Tour dates in NYC popped off Thursday evening at Madison Square Garden and Drake, rocking a Knicks colorway OVO jersey, took the opportunity to send some shots at Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex specifically.

UPDATED with video below. Also added Ebro’s response.

Flex of course heavily involved himself in the Drake/Meek Mill conflict last year, taking to the airwaves to leak those Quentin Miller reference tracks and to call into question Drake’s ability as a writer.

More recently, Ebro told a story about a conversation he had with Drake regarding the possibility of Eminem dissing him over the Joe Budden half-beef and Drake’s planned response. Ebro later recanted the story so I’m not sure how much, if anything, that has to do with Drake’s comments Thursday night.

Either way, Flex says he has a story to tell when he goes on-air this coming Saturday.

Hey, Drake is in town all week, so this could get interesting!

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6 Responses to “Drake Disses Hot 97, Flex at MSG”

  1. AmpGeez a.k.a The Blogger Formerly Known As Amp Says:

    Ebro is a cornball as is Funk Flex.

    Hot97 no longer means what it used to as far as Hip-Hop culture is concerned and the internet plays a part in that alongside the fact their on air personalities are fuckboys for the most part.

    But Drake is corny too so I’m kind of unsure how to feel about all this.

    It’s all lame, to be perfectly honest.

  2. Sanjay Says:

    Thank you AmpGeez for your insightful input

  3. James Mee Says:

    Flex needs to pass the torch , and Ebro sucks and Radio is dead.

  4. King James Says:

    Hot 97 is so lame off-brand breakfast club

  5. Parsons Says:

    @AmpGeez a.k.a The Blogger Formerly Known As Amp Says

    Best Comment.

  6. mike Says:

    Why isn’t anyone bringing up how petty Drake sounds.
    “Fire Funkflex and I will come to Hot 97”
    real G’s never talk like that. EVER.
    Even Kanye West went to the Breakfast Club after being shat upon for years by those guys.
    Drake is weak so he tries to use his fame as power and get another dude fired? For what?
    Who respects that?
    He the type that would prob snitch on somebody.

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