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Troy Ave Is Out on Bail


The Free Troy Ave movement appears to have been a success. Ave was granted a $500,000 bond by a Manhattan judge on Monday which he posted before being released from custody. Troy has been incarcerated since the May 25th events at Irving Plaza that left his friend Ronald McPhatter aka B$B Banga dead and him shot and locked up on a slew of charges. The conditions of his release are incredibly restrictive, he can not perform or even be present at any venue in the city, he can’t travel to Jersey to see his kids and he has to wear an ankle monitor for the duration of his case.

Despite his release, he is still facing several felonies related to the shooting and prosecutors say that have not ruled out the possibility that one of his bullets killed Banga, although the state has so far declined to add murder to his pending charges. So it’s a small victory but it’s the first step towards him clearing his name. Troy insists that he and Banga were the victims in this incident and he picked up the gun that killed his friend and returned fire. His attorney told reporters today that he is confidant that the case he will present at trial will clear his client’s name.

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