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Young Buck – Riot


Young Buck is the latest rapper to add his voice to a deafening chorus addressing the state of affairs in America in 2016. The just released “Riot” is an explicitly angry track which advocates physical resistance to police brutality, but yo, that’s where we are right now. This is what you get when you allow systemic racism and murder to go unchecked: people start to feel like they have no other choice, as we saw in Texas last night. Listen below.

UPDATED with another new Buck track called “The Get Back” below.

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2 Responses to “Young Buck – Riot”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    “…a nigga just get confused ☹” – Young Buck

  2. Casket Face Says:

    Not referring to Young Buck, but to these seemingly pointless songs in general, how come these rappers are not buying boats and passenger planes, working with foreign countries to offer angry black-Americans a way to be shipped back to a point of origin?

    I mean Spike Lee doing Kickstarters for movies and shit, why not transportation?

    At the least, why not some type of coalition which exacts immediate and impacting change for the state of race relations.

    I’ve already made up my mind, that in the near future that my family and I are moving to Africa.

    At this point it is clear that America is never going to fully commit to the change needed to see that we are treated fairly in this country.

    There’s only like 40 million of us, 318 Americans.

    …we’re not winning no race war, so people need to cool it with this talk of picking up firearms and murdering innocent police doing their job.

    The police aren’t the problem, ignorance is the problem.

    And right now it seems like no one in power, whether white or black has a sufficient answer on how to fix it.

    Only way I see this problem being fixed is by giving everyone what they want, a country without black people to blame your problems on.

    We’re not wanted here. It’s time to bounce, we can go to Africa and be treated like KINGS!

    It’s not like it once was, there’s technology such as social media to keep us connect and OPRAH owns a TV network.

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