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Cam’ron’s Giles Investigation (Ep. 2)

Cam’s investigation into the curious case of former comedian turned crack aficionado Face continues in part 2 of Giles Investigation. In this installment, Cam offers Face $40 to play in traffic, and Face accepts the challenge.

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One Response to “Cam’ron’s Giles Investigation (Ep. 2)”

  1. King James Says:

    Niggas paying for pussy fucking up the game
    Say they’re players but they’re squares, you’re so fucking lame
    Stop saying you’re a pimp when you’re tricking nigga
    You ain’t a pimp, you’re just simp
    Took her out the street, you put new shoes on her feet
    She gon’ fuck another rapper, she gon’ fuck an athlete
    You could turn her into a wife, but she still gon’ be a freak
    It’s young Khalifa man, now just practice what I preach
    Bitch, I ain’t paying them!

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