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Sean Falyon – Hold On


Sean Falyon flips the En Vogue classic “Hold On,” for his latest #BeEverywhere Remix. Check it out below.

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One Response to “Sean Falyon – Hold On”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    No diss to Sean Falyon, I’m speaking in general when I ask …but who are some of these rappers’ fans? For real, like who’s downloading some of this shit?

    Who’s going to their shows?

    Who’s shankin’ someone in jail defending their title as the greatest MC of all time.

    I mean if you’re doing it for the “love”, that’s cool…but dudes be having their manager’s emails, booking emails, photoshoots etc.. that means they plan on going all the way with this

    …dawg, what compels them to keep going in the face of obvious commercial failure?

    Shit mind blowing…

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