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Drake Returns to Saturday Night Live

Here ae some highlights from Drake’s appearance on SNL tonight. Up top watch his “More Than a Meme” monologue, and continue below for his performances of “One Dance,” “Hype” and the “Drake’s Beef” sketch.

UPDATED: The full episode is now available, watch below.

“One Dance”


Props to Yardie as usual.

UPDATE: Here’s the best sketch of the night,”Drake’s Beef,” whee he bodes the whole SNL staff.

Full episode:

Previously: Drake on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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3 Responses to “Drake Returns to Saturday Night Live”

  1. AmpGeez a.k.a The Blogger Formerly Known As Amp Says:

    “Drake’s Beef” (nh) was skit of the night, no contest.

  2. Gian Says:

    Thank you for shaving Drake. Too much beards in 2016

  3. plug Says:

    Meek’s war pain > drakes Snl skits + views

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