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J-Zone – Fish-n-Grits (Album Stream)


Tomorrow, producer, MC and multi-instrumentalist J-Zone will deliver his latest solo studio album, Fish-n-Grits. He sets the tone for the project on the “Swagboi vs. Purist” album intro, which declares the ongoing generational squabbles over the sound of Rap to be counterproductive and played out, before driving home the point that quality should be the sole standard by which all music is ultimately judged.

Zone has always addressed the stark realities of the industry in his music, and if you’ve heard his most recent single “Go Back To Sellin’ Weed,” then you know his MO hasn’t changed on Fish-n-Grits. The album features guest appearances from Al-Shid, Prince Paul and Has-Lo, as well as his alter-agos Chief Chinchilla and Swagmaster Bacon. Today we’re happy to premiere a full stream of FnG ahead of its release tomorrow. Check it out below and head over to Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify for digital and physical purchase and streaming options.

Additionally, I have also included the first episode of Zone and my brother Elgin’s new “Buried Treasures” podcast which finds them breaking down Brooklyn legend Masta Ace’s 1990 debut Take A Look Around with the man himself.

Buried Treasures makes its debut! So what’s it all about? Elgindotcom and J-Zone revisit some of the great rap albums of yesteryear that manage to avoid the annual usual suspects anniversary lists. These are the albums that inspired future greats, but evade Generation X’s frequent bursts of nostalgia. These are the albums you bought with your allowance, lost (or broke) over the years and never replaced because politics have kept them out of the pearly gates of digital reissue heaven. These are the buried treasures.

In the first installment, the interviewee is none other than the legendary and grossly underrated poster child for longevity, Brooklyn’s own Masta Ace. The album is his often overlooked (albeit brilliant) debut album, Take A Look Around, from 1990. Ace, Elgin and J-Zone get down to the nitty gritty about Ace’s life up till the album’s creation, the creative process behind the album, Ace’s deal with Cold Chillin’ Records, his Juice Crew membership, passion for football and current endeavors.

You can also catch J-Zone playing alongside Prince Paul and Sacha Jenkins in their revolutionary new three-man supergroup, SuperBlack.

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  1. junMaf*ckn Says:

    J Zone Is A Living Legend. Producer, MC, Label Owner, Author, Musician (A REAL Musician! He Plays His Drums Live!) and Virtually A Modern Day Philosopher On Everything HipHop and Non HipHop Related. This Brother Will Be President One Day. Mark My Words. Thank You, J Zone, For Embodying The Most Important (and Often Forgotten) Element Of HipHop: Innovation/Originality!

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