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Video: DP – The Burial

DP is back with a new video in support of his Designer Casket project and it’s a good one. Check out the clip for “The Burial,” which was filmed at Youtube Studios in NYC, above.

DP explained the concept behind the title of his most recent project to Complex:

What’s a designer casket?
It reaches far beyond like Louis Vuitton or that shit. The music’s going to last way longer than I’m going to live. When I’m dead, this is the last thing you’re going to see of me. My music is the casket; the CD, that’s me inside that muthafucka. It’s the legacy you leave. 100 years from now, they’ll dig the casket up, it’s going to be polished still, and you’re going to see my mummy. I might be a little crusty. The pint of the Act is still gonna be there.

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