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French Montana Says Kanye Wasn’t Familiar with Max B, But Offered to Help with His Case

Earlier today, French Montana spoke to Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Stylez at Hot 97 about the Wave Gods mixtape that he’s dropping later this evening. During the conversation, he says that in speaking to Kanye about the whole “Waves” album title controversy, he learned that Ye didn’t know who Max B was. Which, WTF? How is that even possible?

Rosenberg points out that Kanye can exist in his own little world, and I would agree with that, but how is it possible you haven’t heard the name “Max B” at all over the past 7 years? Particularly when you consider all of the publicity around his conviction and Kanye’s ties to Dipset?

At any rate, Max is now on an interlude on The Life of Pablo, and French goes on to say that Ye asked what he could do to help with Max’s ongoing struggle to get his conviction overturned.

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5 Responses to “French Montana Says Kanye Wasn’t Familiar with Max B, But Offered to Help with His Case”

  1. Al Says:

    Hmmm stack bundles had a kanye beat though…

  2. Comment G Says:

    Are comments back on? Dope. Still don’t know why the most popping comment section decided to dead it all.

    Anyways…who knows how Stack got that obscure beat? Could’ve been laying around on a beat cd.

  3. platinumJAH Says:

    maybe because he was trash?

  4. RO Says:

    Sometimes people are locked up for a reason.
    When U decide to Do evil shit, U
    Have to pay. He plotting on robbing someone.
    He could have easily earned that bread in less than a year.

  5. spirit equality Says:


    Not everybody convicted of a crime actually committed it.

    Stop speculating like you know something.

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