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Jay Electronica – Curse of Mayweather


“‘He’s got 11 Grammy nominations, ya’ll not equal,’ maaan, fuck these white people. My grandmother died at 82 scrubbing floors, and niggas still runnin around beggin for awards

“Is he Jedi or is he Sith? Is he Neo in The Matrix or Mr. Smith? I might be on Periscope getting pissed, talking reckless, contemplating all out war with Fifth.”

Jay Electronica gets a bunch of shit off his chest on a new track called “Curse of Mayweather.” Check out those references to Kendrick’s Grammy nods and 50 Cent above and listen below.

Jay’s tweet is in reference to 50 acting like he didn’t know who Jay was on Instagram.

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2 Responses to “Jay Electronica – Curse of Mayweather”

  1. brown sound Says:

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an epic tale
    They saw my names on the forums and the blogs
    And they said he’s a herb, he’s a lame, it’s an epic fail
    FOH, SMH, nigga LOL

    he said it.

  2. King James Says:

    Where’s London Bloke and the other JE stans?

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