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Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3, LP Debut to Stream on TIDAL


Tomorrow is the big day. There’s no turning back now. Unless of course Kanye goes on Twitter and announces that he needs another week to get this one snare just right. Because he’s liable to do that. But assuming he doesn’t, his Yeezy Season 3/#TLOP album premiere event is going down tomorrow at 4:00 pm EST at Madison Square Garden.

If you didn’t get tickets for the event, or one of the in-theatre livestream broadcasts, TIDAL has got you covered. The streaming service will host a stream of the event that will be available to paying subscribers and us freeloaders alike. I just hope that they have everything in order for this and there are no shenanigans like what happened with the roll-out of Rihanna’s album a couple of weeks ago. Because Kanye will literally sacrifice a TIDAL employee on-stage if this shit doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Catch the live stream at this link tomorrow and go here now to hear Ebro’s thoughts on the album, which he heard last night.

UPDATED: Kanye has revealed the title and final tracklist. See below.

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