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Ebro Speaks on Kanye’s New Album

Last night Ebro was one of a select few to hear the most recent iteration of Kanye’s new album TLOP. Ye has been playing new tracks for people for over a year now but since he’s a notorious last minute tinkerer, who’s to say if any of the stuff people had heard previously even made the final cut. Check out Ebro’s thoughts above, but here are some highlights:

He says Kanye wants us to know “that this is a journey of all of his work, so if there’s things that you liked about each and every one of his albums, I think you’re going to find that on this project.”

Regarding punchlines and references: “Kanye says to Ray J: ‘Me and Ray J would probably be friends if we wasn’t in love with the same bitch’ and goes on to say, ‘you might have hit it first but I’m riiich!'”

“But that song where he really goes in on talking about his version of some of the things that are going on socially right now? CRAZY.”

Rosenberg: “Is it a Rap heavy album?”
Ebro: “YES”

“He uses one excerpt from the movie Warriors, when they’re up at Van Cortlandt Park…”

Regarding his use of samples: “You notice how on ‘No More Parties in LA’ he throws in samples but it almost feels like he’s throwing it in like a DJ? It doesn’t feel like the beat is made off the sample, the sample lives off the beat that he already put there? That’s a theme that kind of goes through the entire project.”

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  1. brown sound Says:

    does ol’ man ebro know who Madlib is?

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