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Jay Electronica Says He’d Slap 50 Cent, Calls Kendrick His Son

Jay Electronica recently held a very interesting Periscope session in which he fielded questions from fans and offered a wide range of opinions on everybody from Freddie Gibbs to Action Bronson. Notably he had some pretty harsh words for 50 Cent and showed Ab-Soul and Kendrick alot of love while also making it clear that he considers K.Dot his son. He also speaks on his perpetually delayed album Act II, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco and more.

Shout to Montreality for editing together the relevant clips.

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4 Responses to “Jay Electronica Says He’d Slap 50 Cent, Calls Kendrick His Son”

  1. brown sound Says:

    just gave us more reasons to not pay this dude any mind.

  2. THAT GUY Says:

    5%ers worse than scientologist

  3. spirit equality Says:

    His comments about Bronson are hilarious.

    He baited 50. Let’s see if he takes the bait.

  4. brown sound Says:

    that screen cap makes me think of Tales from the Hood

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