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Kendrick Lamar on Next Album: “I have an idea”


Kendrick Lamar has an idea. Next week he’ll attend the Grammys ceremony in LA, where he’s nominated for a near-record 11 statues for his groundbreaking 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly. Everybody wants to know what’s next for him. Well, he has an idea. Those of us who’ve been following Mr. Duckworth since he was known as K.Dot always knew there was something special about the kid from Compton, but I’ll be damned if we could have forseen a time when an offhand comment to a writer would turn into a headline.

In a new profile for Billboard ahead of Monday’s Grammys broadcast, Kendrick tells us that he really does want to win this time around. This may initially seem out of character for our hero, a guy who doesn’t come across as the type who needs mainstream validation. But then you have to consider this album’s subject matter, and what it means to so many people. And you look around at what’s going on in America, and you sort of understand. So yeah, Kendrick has an idea. I’m sure he has a bunch of them. One of them might turn into his next album, or he might abandon everything he thought he knew and go left. Whatever happens, we’re here for it.

“As far as content, what I want to get across, I have an idea,” he says. “But even that’s still premature. Once I get back in that studio, things evolve into other things.”

Read the full story at Billboard now.

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