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Now Martin Shkreli Says He Would Smack Ghostface

Here’s the thing about Martin Shkreli: his story isn’t exactly as black and white as the picture you get from just perusing recent stories about his legal troubles and the Daraprim pricing incident. If you read the profile that Vanity Fair recently did on him, you can begin to understand how the whole price-gouging scandal was a bit more nuanced than can be communicated in a typical news blurb or tweet.

The guy is unquestionably a douche, but so are half of the guys in his demographic throughout New York City. The reality is, pharmaceutical companies gouge the shit out of customers and insurance companies on all sorts of drugs every day. Shkreli happens to be a vocal and unapologetic guy who, through a series of unfortunately timed events, became the (admittedly punchable) face of the practice. And I don’t say any of this to excuse his actions, I just think it’s an interesting story that proves he isn’t the only guy we should be mad at. Shkreli probably could have mitigated the scandal by actually dropping the price of the drug and mounting a PR counter-offensive, but that approach isn’t in his nature.

And his nature will eventually be his downfall. The kid is a hustler from Brooklyn and it’s easy to see why he identifies with so many rappers who worked their way up to fame and fortune from nothing. Shkreli actually hustled so damn hard that he has to appear in front of Congress tomorrow to explain himself. I’m just sort of amazed that a street smart kid from Brooklyn who supposedly grew up on the Wu doesn’t understand that talking out the side of his neck about Dennis Coles from Stapleton is a no-no anywhere in the Tri-State. Unless of course you’re built like that and you feel you can backup whatever shit you’re talking, but I think we can all agree your boy is not built like that.

You can record a dozen vlogs with masked goons popping off on your behalf, that shit is all theater. Those guys were a nice touch, but if they were really about their business they wouldn’t have been wearing masks and would’ve stated their name, what neighborhood they repped and when they were looking to get it poppin. Just close your eyes and try to imagine the terror Shkreli would have felt had Ghost shown up outside of Power looking to settle this shit once and for all. I doubt Starks is at the point where he’s willing to actually engage this fool in real life, but you never know who you’re gonna bump into on that Riker’s bus. So stop it Shkreli, your shtick is good for a few laughs but you’re not fooling anybody.

UPDATE (2/4): Shkreli repeatedly took the 5th today during his congressional hearing, including when shitbird Representative Trey Gowdy sarcastically asked him about his $2 million purchase of that Wu-Tang album. Watch the full exchange below (the Wu question is at 2:10).

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    This is a play to get in protective custody. I hope he lands in gen pop

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