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Kanye & Wiz Khalifa Beef Over Album Title

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As previously mentioned, Kanye has once again changed the name of his forthcoming album from the previously announced SWISH to Waves. This isn’t a huge surprise seeing as he noted that it was liable to change again when he announced the switch from So Help Me God. Opinions on the new change spread swiftly across social media, but a very vocal contigent of Max B fans wasted no time taking Kanye to task for what they see as his appropriation of The Wave. Chief among these critics was Wiz Khalifa, a self-proclaimed “Wavy Baby” and an ardent defender of Max’s legacy.


Wiz took a few direct shots at Kanye on Twitter last night, but Ye held his response until this afternoon, and boy did he respond. In a series of over 30 tweets, Ye fired back at Wiz, calling him out for everything from stealing his swag from KiD CuDi to his tight pants (he wants credit) to his relationship with Ye’s ex Amber Rose. In one particularly vicious tweet, he brought Wiz and Amber’s son into it, a move I think we can all agree is over the line in an argument about an album title.


Ye eventually calmed down, finishing the tirade with a few tweets about him having love for Wiz and just wanting to spread positive energy. Of course, it’s probably too late for that now. Those tweets will surely be deleted, but that’s not going to matter. Twitter is on fucking fire right now with fans taking sides, pictures of Kim in various states of undress circulating and of course, plenty of memes flying around. Wiz, for his part, kept his responses short and relatively calm, but I doubt this is over just yet.

Kanye’s album drops in just over two weeks. Wiz’s album arrives a few days prior.

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