V.Cha$e – Facts (Remix)


On New Year’s Eve, Kanye dropped a new track called “Facts” in which he takes extensive shots at his former business partners at Nike. The track featured a number of digs at the sneaker giant, including the suggestions that Drake is the only worthy celebrity endorsement they have left and that they offered Lebron a billion dollar deal to not walk away to another company.

To say the track was not well received would be an understatement. The general consensus seems to be that nobody wants to hear Ye rapping about his corporate beefs when we’ve already heard plenty about it in about 100 interviews since 2014. Today, Vinny Cha$e, whose longtime partner and collaborator Kid Art helmed most of the visuals for Pusha’s new album, responds to Kanye’s allegations on a new remix of “Facts.”

Listen below.

V.Cha$e lends his perspective on the Yeezy vS Nike war of words with his own respectful perspective on the issue. With him being not only a fan of Nike but a close affiliate , him and his Russian graphic artist decided to put this sonic response together

Stream Vinny’s album New World Trade at your favorite digital retailer now.

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2 Responses to “V.Cha$e – Facts (Remix)”

  1. BigCatNYC Says:

    never heard of vinny cha$e – but dude is worth a look. obviously been floating around the industry for awhile, had Bad Boy and Sony after him – but I just realize how artistic he is. Comin up like he did is something different than i can remember? could be wrong but director -fashion designer – music artist – that sh t interests me. As a music artist his skills are growing, but his artistic sense for fashion and directing are already on another level. Looking forward to seeing what him and Kid Art can keep doing collaboratively, because the Pusha visuals are sick.

  2. Triple Pz Says:

    This shit sucks … #FACTS

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