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RZA Responds to Martin Shkreli

In a sit-down with Bloomberg Businessweek, the site that originally identified disgraced pharma CEO and would-be Bobby Shmurda savior Martin Shkreli as the buyer of that one-off Wu-Tang album, RZA responds to some of Shkreli’s remarks about him. After Shkreli’s identity as the buyer was revealed, RZA put out a statement distancing himself and Wu-Tang from the notorious Brooklyn native. The controversial executive, who has since been ousted as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, in turn made some pretty greasy comments, warning RZA that he should be careful about what he says and calling him “arrogant.”

“That’s a little hostile. What could backfire from creating a piece of art, having an idea and seeing it grow into fruition. As far as me being arrogant? It depends on what day you catch me, I can be arrogant.”

He goes on to say that he’s not mad that Shkreli is now the sole owner of the controversial album and calls upon him to let the world hear Once Upon A Time in Shaolin.

UPDATED below with the full video of RZA’s interview, during which he also discussed Obama, Black Lives Matter, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and more.

Just a note: that shit he said about Black youth needing to dress a certain way so as to not scare law enforcement was some bullshit, as was alot of the shit he said about Trump, but I guess they’re friends and he’s being political.

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One Response to “RZA Responds to Martin Shkreli”

  1. FAMALAM Says:

    what RZA said about how you dress is NOT repeat NOT bullshit! How you dress aka how you present yourself is a LANGUAGE that is the first thing that informs people about you when they see you! Whether you like it or not, people will perceive you a certain way depending on whether you’re wearing a suit or wearing a hoodie! How you dress is a primary way in which you choose to display your associations and likes in this world. Everyone is prejudiced whether white black asian latino indian etc etc etc and the goal is to survive. Ignore this advice at your own risk!

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