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Here’s Kanye “Auditioning” for American Idol


American Idol has been a scourge on television sets across our great nation for an absurdly long 15 seasons now. The fact that such a corny, vapid and so obviously staged shit-show could not only survive, but dominate the pop culture conversation for as long as it did should bring great shame on the citizens of this country. But then you look around and consider that Donald Trump is now a serious candidate for POTUS and JJ Watt is out here doing the Nae Nae and what can you really do except *FROWNY FACE EMOJI?*

So before they put this national travesty out of its misery, we have to endure this nostalgia tour of a final season, complete with BIG CELEBRITY CAMEOS and other such fluff. For whatever reason Kanye agreed to take part in this fiasco and so here’s a video of him “surprising” the judges with an “impromptu” audition. He spits an uncensored verse from “Gold Digger,” because that’s probably an accurate marker for where the target audience of this show’s familiarity with his catalog begins and ends, and everybody has a good laugh.

It’s funny because if some aspiring rapper really tried to audition with a verse like that in 2015 he’d probably be escorted out of the building. Get it? Now I’m gonna have to field a call from my mom asking me if I saw “Kanye doing his rap thing” on The American Idol.

Watch below.

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One Response to “Here’s Kanye “Auditioning” for American Idol

  1. Ppp Says:

    Well said Eskay. There’s a reason I’ve been following Nah Right for close to 10 years now.

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