Here Are More Snippets of Meek Mill’s “Back To Back” Freestyle


Despite it being a bad idea that is way past its expiration date, Meek Mill is still planning on responding to Drake over the “Back To Back” beat. During a recent listening session for DC4, Meek played the full track for an audience and DJ Akademiks shared some snips that you can listen to below.

This wasn’t a good idea when we first got wind of it in October, and it still isn’t. If I’m on Meek’s team, I’m telling him to scrap this and just put out 5 minutes of straight bars over an original beat. Don’t call it a “Drake Diss” or “response,” but take your shots and let that shit stand on its own. Using the same beat invites comparisons and even if you body it, it’s simply too late.

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One Response to “Here Are More Snippets of Meek Mill’s “Back To Back” Freestyle”

  1. Enlightened Says:

    Too late for who…how you niggas blogging and radio personalities gonna tell this man what he should do what his team should be telling him…meek should do what the fuck he feel cause you niggas got ADHD ain’t can’t focus on shit for longer than a week. It ain’t too late cause you niggas still blogging about the beef radio take a shot and talk about the shit every other day. I’ll say the shit still the most relevant thing going on in rap

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