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Pharma CEO That Bought Wu Album, Wanted to Post Bobby Shmurda’s Bail, Arrested by Feds


Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals and sufferer of one of the most severe cases of douche-face I’ve ever seen, became one of the most loathed people in American over the past few months when he needlessly raised the price of a drug crucial in the treatment of some HIV patients to $750 per pill. He again made news earlier this month when he bought that shady one-off Wu-Tang album for $2 million dollars. Just yesterday, Shkreli told HipHopDX that he was going to post Bobby Shmurda’s $2 million bail today.

Well, the Feds had other ideas, as your boy was taken into custody this morning on a bunch of white collar securities fraud charges. Shkreli, who grew up in Brooklyn, wasn’t about to buy Bobby’s freedom out of the goodness of his heart. Although he says he’s a fan of Shmurda, and (rightfully) believes the Rapper is being railroaded by the justice system, he also made it clear that he’s a businessman and any bond he would post would be viewed as an investment in Bobby.

I’m 100% certain that Shmurda will be better off in the long run not being indebted to this character, but it’s almost like the universe doesn’t want to see him leave jail. Prior to the pharma goon’s arrest, RZA released a statement distancing him from Shkreli, saying the sale was negotiated way before the drug scandal. In the DX interview, he fired back, saying the Wu founder needs to show him some “fucking respect.”

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