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Here’s a Snippet of an Alternate Version of Jay Z’s “Early This Morning”


Lurking Just Blaze’s social media accounts late night can often pay Rap nerd dividends. Last night, he took to Twitter and Instagram to liberate a few snips of unreleased versions of some well known tracks from his archives. You already know Just likes to abuse us, so he has since deleted previews of an unreleased version of Kanye’s “Touch the Sky” featuring Robert Glasper and a version of “I Really Mean It” that featured all of Dipset. He also shared some interesting background on Freeway’s “Flipside” and T.I.’s “Live Your Life” and how it is connected to Eminem’s “Cold Wind Blows.”

Below, check out a snippet of a previously unheard version of Jay Z’s “Early This Morning” that was apparently intended for The Black Album. The main difference I hear is that drums are waaaay crazier on the chorus.

h/t to OnSMASH

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