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Video: King Louie – Fuck Spike Lee

With the new Spike Lee film Chi-Raq in theaters today, one of Chicago’s biggest artists aims squarely at the iconic director with a new track. King Louie doesn’t necessarily go directly at Spike’s neck on this, but the message is clear: he’s not feeling how the Brooklyn native handled his city’s story.

Upon the release of the Chi-Raq trailer, several Chicago artists took to social media to express their displeasure with the way Spike approached the subject of gun violence on the city’s streets. In this article over at GQ, Chicago boosters like Chief Keef’s manager Peeda Pan, Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive and Lil Durk explained the response to the teaser. When I first saw Chicago rappers criticising the satire-based approach Spike took and accusing him of cultural carpetbagging, I initially thought they were maybe being a bit premature.

At that point all we had was a trailer and nobody had even seen the finished product yet. Maybe what Spike did works, who knows? At the same time, if I was unhappy with the way my city was portrayed in something like HBO’s Show Me A Hero for example, I’d want people to give me the benefit of the doubt that my concerns were legitimate. Plus, Spike can definitely come across as a dick when defending his ideas, as you’ll read in that GQ piece. In any event, with the film now in theaters we’ll soon see how Chicago receives it, but this didn’t start out well at all.

UPDATED: Louie just dropped a new mixtape, Play Dat Again, over at FSD. Check it out:

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