Vince Staples on GGN with Snoop

The headlines you’re going to see about Vince today are going to be about his comments to TIME about the 90’s being overrated as a musical era. Which is an opinion. An incorrect one, but still, an opinion. But Vince was born in ’93, so of course his perspective is skewed towards the stuff that was bubbling when he was a teenager.

How can you truly appreciate Doggystyle when it dropped before you did? The kids are sick of hearing about the 90’s and I get it. I lived through it and I get sick of talking about it. Anyway, I’ve included that TIME interview video below, but far more interesting is this chat with fellow Long Beach native Snoop on GGN.

He goes deeper into his childhood and the music that was out when he was coming up and explains how it would influence him later. He speaks on his debut album Summertime ’06 and the meaning behind that title, how he avoided the gang trap, playing in Snoop’s youth football league as a kid and much more.

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