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Audio: 2 Pac Speaks on the Quad Shooting from Rikers Island


Pioneering Rap journalist and activist Kevin Powell sits down with Jinx from Complex News to speak on his new memoir, The Education of Kevin Powell. During the chat, Powell plays an exclusive clip from a 1995 interview that he conducted with 2 Pac while he was locked up on NYC’s Riker’s Island on sexual assault charges. Pac lays out the story of how he recorded a verse at Ron G’s house in Harlem before heading down to Quad Studios in midtown to lay a verse for an up and coming rapper.

Listen below.

The names Pac mentions in the clip have been censored out by Powell, but if you know the story, you can infer that he’s probably speaking of rapper Little Shawn, who he was doing the verse for, the now incarcerated Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond and NYC street legend Haitian Jack. As we know, ‘Pac would be ambushed when he arrived at Quad, shot several times and robbed. To this day, nobody has been definitely linked to the crime, but Rosemond is believed to be the prime suspect.

After you watch, be sure to go read our interview with Ron G in which he tells the story from his perspective and details how that legendary verse Pac laid that day at his house came to be featured on Big L’s “Deadly Combination.”

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