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Spectacular Diagnostics ft. SHIRT – $250 on Soundcloud


So SHIRT is running an interesting campaign this week. If you’re a producer, you can pay him $250 bucks and he’ll write and record a verse for you in real time. The track will only be streamable via Soundcloud but he’ll get it done within the day. So if you’ve got some fire beats and $250 to burn, hit him up and see what you can make happen. Here’s the first offering, over a production by Spectacular Diagnostics.

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One Response to “Spectacular Diagnostics ft. SHIRT – $250 on Soundcloud”

  1. Tom Crewz Says:

    So the producer is paying the artist to perform on the music the producer created? Huh? And beat makers are doing that? I can understand paying a Nas or something but damn props to this kid for flipping the game.

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