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Rick Ross Countersues Alleged Kidnapping Victim, Implicates 50 Cent


So you’ll recall that Rick Ross was arrested at his home in Fayette County, GA back in June on charges that he and an associate held a groundskeeper against his will and pistol-whipped him? Well now Rozay is countersuing landscapers Jonathan Zamudio and Leonardo Caceres, claiming that the incident never happened and it’s all just a ruse to extort him for money. The countersuit, which was filed in Fayette County earlier this week, asserts that Zamudio is lying about being assaulted and offers the 911 call he made after the alleged incident as evidence.

The call, which you can listen to below, was placed about 3 hours after Zamudio was supposedly assaulted and if you listen, you’ll note how calm the man sounds despite his claims of having just survived such a harrowing assault. Additionally, Zamudio only asks for assistance in retrieving his belongings from the property and never mentions any assault or being held against his will. Most interestingly though, Ross’ suit claims that Zamudio was instigated to sue by 50 Cent, who two weeks ago posted an image of himself and the groundskeeper on Instagram with the following caption:


The caption has since been edited to read:

50centThis is my FRIEND Jonathan, lol😆 anybody who don’t like it should do something. I’m out here pull up. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

Who can say who’s lying here, but it doesn’t look good for Zamudio and that wasn’t the smartest move on 50’s part.

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