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Meek Mill Shares Dreamchasers 4 Snippets

It looks like Meek Mill is ready to get back to the business of making music. Yesterday on his Instagram page he shared a bunch of snippets of new cuts from his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape. Above, you can listen to all of the teasers compiled into one convenient Youtube video. Interestingly enough, Meek seems to address The Drake Incident on one of the tracks, rapping: ” I made an M in a week but they tellin’ me I took a L.”

These snippets sound pretty decent, if not derivitave of his previous output. My only issue would honestly be that line quoted above. It’s basically the equivalent of Meek posting IG shots of him counting money at the height of the most public beef of his career, at a time when all people wanted to hear from him was a response record.

It’s the 50 Cent approach to beef: I make alot of money, so I already won. But it doesn’t really work like that does it? What you eat don’t make your listeners shit Meek. We know you have alot of money, but we also know Drake has alot of money, and we just want vicious bars.

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