Video: Tragedy Khadafi Breaks Down Intelligent Hoodlum (Pt. 1)

Man, it’s type surreal to see Tragedy Khadafi sitting there rocking an N.W.A t-shirt while discussing his seminal 1990 album, Intelligent Hoodlum. Around the time he dropped “Arrest The President”, I was under the heavy influence of records like “Fuck The Police” and “Straight Outta Compton.” Songs like those played a huge role in my evolution from a kid just listening to music for entertainment to a young man who was aware of all the socio-political shit that was playing out in the world around him.

The fact that you could tell law enforcement to fuck off and call for the imprisonment of the leader of the free world on songs that would be played on MTV was a radical concept at the time. Artists like Public Enemy, whom Trag also credits here as a huge influence, Kool G. Rap, Poor Righteous Teachers and X-Clan were indoctrinating my young mind in the best possible way during those first few years of the 90’s.

Trag’s debut album turned 25 this year and in this new series from Distrolord, he speaks in depth about the underground classic. In this first clip he explains his mindset and youthful naivete while recording the politically charged LP, the crucial role Large Professor played in its making, watching his friends from The Juice Crew blow up while he was incarcerated and how he never actually went by the moniker Intelligent Hoodlum even though everybody called him that. He also speaks on the recording of the title track and records like “Trag Invasion” and “Game Type”, plus the time he heard the “Young G’s” beat in the studio with Nas years before Puff, Biggie and Jay Z would claim it.

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