Ski Beatz Apologizes to Yasiin Bey

Last week Rap fans the world over were pleasantly surprised when they woke up to the release of a new track from the artist formerly known as Mos Def called “Sensei On The Block.” The Ski Beatz produced cut was an instant hit with fans but the fact that it was released under Yasiin’s old rap moniker seemed odd. This was a name the artist had made it very clear he was leaving in the past and to suddenly return to it at this stage of his career didn’t seem inline with the way we’ve known him to move.

Shortly after the track showed up on the web, Mr. Bey issued a video statement denouncing the release of the track under his old name, urged fans not to support it and took the “internet” to task for spreading rumors, or something. Which, ok, fair enough. Clearly somebody fucked up by putting the track out under the wrong name and he has a right to be mad about that. Also, the internet in general sucks and misreports and skews half of the shit it puts out everyday. But this track was for sale on iTunes and was being pushed by Ski, a longtime friend and frequent collaborator of Bey.

It really wasn’t a stretch for most websites to assume this was a sanctioned release that was supported by Yasiin. In retrospect, that obviously wasn’t the case. In a new video, Ski Beatz apologizes to his friend for “jumping the gun” and mislabeling the track without his approval. So I guess that is that. The real shocker here is that “Sensei On The Block” was recorded in 2010!

Watch the statement from Bey below.

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