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RIP Sean Price


According to reports that I have been desperately hoping were untrue, it appears that the game lost a true legend last night. My fucking fingers are trembling as I type this. This is a loss I can’t even begin to comprehend. I don’t think the loss of an artist has hit me like this since I woke up one Sunday morning in 1997 to learn that Biggie had left us.

Any visitor to this site knows the love we’ve had for P over the course of our entire 10 year run. There’ve been times when, fed up with the bullshit of the Rap internet that I only half joked that I was gonna say “fuck everybody” and turn NahRight into a Sean Price fan site. Just the other day I gleefully posted the artwork for his new mixtape, ecstatic that that the one and only Mic Tyson was about to bless us with his signature brand of Brownsville goon prose.

He was not only one of my favorite MCs of all time, I considered him a friend, and I don’t tend to make friends with rappers. To this day he’s one of the very few artists whose number I have saved in my phone. Through the years, every bit of support we ever showed him, he graciously returned right back to us. My heart goes out to his wife, three kids and the entire Duck Down family. Nobody ever put it down like this man. Rap has truly lost one of our most unique and talented voices and the definition of a stand up dude.

R.I.P. Ruck….Love and Respect to The Duck Down Family!!! #SeanPrice

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UPDATED: A fundraiser has been started by Duck Down to assist Sean’s family, please check it out here and donate if you can.

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35 Responses to “RIP Sean Price”

  1. Kutmasta Says:

    Well said. This shit is devastating. Too young

  2. Chuck Says:

    “Cookie cut it and spit it on NahRight.com”… Sean Price – As I heard the news today this rhyme was in my head. The legend has too many quotables, and I’m completely blown away today. I was just bumping “Top Tier” last night at work. Sad day for hip hop. RIP Sean Price.

  3. Shooter Says:


  4. Meta-4 Says:

    RIP. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Stroydnaire Says:

    Sorry for your loss bro. He most definitely will go down as one of hip hop’s greats.

  6. FUPM618 Says:


  7. Mrgwaps Says:

    True Legend in the sense of the word. One of HipHops Pioneer’s, In an ERA where alot of artist’s were fraudulent and used different personas, Ruck kept it real, what you saw on stage was the same person you saw in the street.The definition of Keeping it 100. Time for the site to Honor the God by posting his catalog’s for all to enjoy. He maybe gone but his work will last forever.

  8. TS-LTE Says:



  9. KeetAAmor Says:

    I’ve been a reader for 9 yrs. now. Not only does my heart goes out to the Price family but to you as well Eskay…..Wow!

  10. miltee Says:

    I had a feeling I’d see a tribute post like this here. Been following nah for years, though silently, and knew how much nah supported Sean Price and vice versa. R.I.P.

    Undastand, Heltah Skeltah only mean war!! Gone but not forgotten.

  11. King James Says:


  12. Chepe Says:

    R.I.P. SEAN P!!!

  13. Mr. Iceberg slim Says:

    My condolences Esky

  14. Digs Daily Says:

    What a horrible day. Rest in power.

  15. Ans Says:

    Respect to eskay for always consistently showin P love

  16. Sonny Moore Says:

    damn…no words

  17. Sonny Moore Says:

    btw, Drake won…

    the Joe Carter Cd cover was old school nahright tactics…

    we taught him well

  18. Sonny Moore Says:

    whatup king james & TS

    no daps for Iceberg Slim homo ass

    we aint forgot you posting pics of naked niggas bathing in the waterfall

    CLR where u at?


  19. King James Says:


    What’s good land?

    Brewers baseball has been terrible this year I can’t wait for the NFL season and NBA season

    Packers & Bucks>>>>>

    Meek Mill’s career is over the Owl God torched him

  20. DRNG Says:

    From the 210 Rhime’Fell’On Posse General DRNG on YouTube This was the Homie Shout out to entire Duck Down Family & Whole East Koast espc to Helta Skelta partner Daaaaamn R.I.P.Peeeeeee!!!!

  21. Noise Says:

    Sincerely Pyrex Pot Sean, cook it, cut it and spit it on nahright.com

  22. verses Says:

    *re appears after 10 years or so lurking*

    daps eskay, daps shooter.

    P! Nahright always showed love for P.

    Best freestyle with enuff. Funny shit esp that Chris brown line


  23. Daveyandy Says:


  24. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    S.I.P “P”

  25. Digs Says:


  26. g3n303 Says:

    rip sean price man, hiphop lost a true legend

  27. 911 Says:

    The good ole days.. remember when P clowned someone from nahright fame, name escapes me… one of the 1st times I can remember a rapper doing shit like that. Real dude. Hope he went peacefully.

  28. I Fux Says:

    RIP Sean

  29. trappa Says:


  30. Blackwater Says:

    R.I.P. P. I used to come hear consistently to hear the new Sean P joints. He never disappointed. Neither did Nah

  31. Not Pertinent Says:

    R.I.P. Ruck. I listen to two things consistently. The Statik Selektah Freestyle that Ruck did a minute ago & the Ghostweed Skit from Pharoahe Monche. It was crazy when P did the Narduwar interview of Pharoahe Monche & named it something like Seanduwar. Hilarious dude & a real problem with those bars…

  32. charles lee ray Says:

    I don’t wale and them new niggas lmao

  33. Van Sertima Says:

    r.i.p sean price


  34. EYE Q Says:

    ProfessU Editorial: “Why Hip-Hop Will Miss #SeanPrice So Much” by Dr. John Spruill III–> http://bit.ly/1IPKpWT

  35. Alejandro Says:

    My favorite rapper, P!!! We lost a legend and ambassador of hip hop and barz. Hella funny and will be missed. SIP

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