Guilty Simpson – Animal


“treat us animal like, but we don’t even get animal rights”

Last week I watched as America shed buckets of tears for an African lion slaughtered halfway around the world and swiftly called for the killer’s arrest and extradition so he can be brought to justice. Meanwhile, the people of Zimbabwe, where said lion was supposedly so beloved, think we have our priorities way out of whack. I bet if that hunter was wearing a badge and had taken down a Black man, many of those same people crying for Cecil would be ready to give him a medal.

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2 Responses to “Guilty Simpson – Animal”

  1. I'M>you Says:

    This Sh!t Retarded!

  2. I'M>you Says:

    Who produced it? First thought was Madlib but it’s too sloppy (In terms of Otis Jackson Jr. I mean) to be Madlib. If you could update it that would be groovy if not that’s cool too. 3-2

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