Migos Claim Their Noisey Atlanta Scenes Were Scripted


Quavo and Takeoff appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable yesterday and tried to mitigate the damage they did to themselves by waving machine guns around willy-nilly in the Noisey Atlanta documentary by claiming they were given a script to follow. Bomani and Dan rightfully call bullshit on this claim immediately but they maintain their story.

It’s pretty obvious why they’re saying what they’re saying, but honestly it would be better to just say “no comment” at this point. So your story is you allowed a music website to exploit you, just like several people implied they did? Just stand by your goonery bruh. I’m sure Noisey has a bunch of behind the scenes footage that would prove it wasn’t scripted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were editing it together as we speak. Not to mention that scripted or not, you’re still a felon holding an AR on camera.

Oh well, you live and you learn. Yung Rich Nation is out Friday.

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