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Ice Cube Says Dr. Dre is Dropping New Music This Week

About 10 minutes into this interview on the Rise & Grind Morning Show on Philly’s Power 99, Cube reveals that Dr. Dre will be releasing an album that is inspired by NWA and the new film Straight Outta Compton on August 1st. According to him it will feature new, previously unheard music and “it’s what everybody’s been waiting for” from the good doctor.

Joining Cube in the studio are SOC director F. Gary Gray, his son O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Jason Mitchell, the actor who portrays Eazy-E. They speak variously on the struggle to get the film funded and made, the amount of facetime MC Ren and DJ Yella get in the movie, Cube’s messy exit from the group in the early 90’s, filming in Compton and South Central, Suge Knight and much more.

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