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Birdman Talks Lil Wayne with Angie Martinez


This afternoon on her show, Angie Martinez aired clips from a sit-down she had with Birdman over two days in Miami last week. During the interview she asked the Cash Money co-founder pointed questions about his legal and personal beef with protege Lil Wayne, the current status of their relationship, whether or not Young Money superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj can leave his company if Weezy keeps it moving, the drink throwing incident at LIV and much more.

Watch below.

One thing to keep in mind throughout all of this is that Baby is full of shit. He’s now been named in an indictment that could possibly connect him to an attempt on Wayne’s life, so of course, he’s gonna spin everything like it’s really not that big of a deal. For example, with the LIV incident, he says he had no idea people were throwing drinks and vaguely referred to the incident being “handled” after the fact. But we all saw the video. It may not show Baby himself throwing anything, but it’s pretty clear that those drinks were coming from the vicinity of where he was standing and I certainly didn’t see any indication that he was unhappy with what was going on.

All of his answers are like this. It’s just business between him and Wayne. Everything will be worked out. Life is good. It’s exactly what you’d expect to hear from a seasoned CEO with decades of experience in a dirty game. Angie says the full interview will be released in time and that he said alot over those two days, but for now, this is what we’ve got.

Other interesting revelations include:

Baby says he and Wayne frequently work in studios that are right next to each other and see each other all the time.

Despite seeing Wayne so often, he says that he has not tried to speak to him about any of their issues. He says that when the time and place is right, they will talk.

He declares that no matter what happens with Wayne’s lawsuit, Nicki and Drake aren’t leaving his company.

He vehemently denies any involvement in the shooting of Wayne’s bus, saying that he would have a real problem with anybody shooting at his son and that he’d rather you shoot at him personally than Wayne.

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