Birdman Wants to Help Find Lil Wayne Bus Shooter


In May, Atlanta police arrested Young Thug associate Jimmy Carlton Winfrey for allegedly firing shots at a tour bus carrying Lil Wayne after a performance in the city. Winfrey was later connected to Birdman, with whom Wayne is currently embroiled in a very public legal and personal standoff, via phone records. According to the indictment, Winfrey phoned Birdman moments after the shooting and stayed on the line with him for some time thereafter.

But Birdman says he never spoke to Winfrey that night. According to a source close to the Cash Money CEO, both phones used during this seemingly incriminating call are registered to Cash Money/Young Money Records. In other words, they are company cell phones and literally anybody in either camp could’ve had either phone in their posession. The source, who explained this to TMZ, says that the call was actually from somebody in Wayne’s camp to somebody at Cash Money with the intention of notifying Baby about the shooting.

That’s a pretty tidy story because it would place the phone allegedly used by Winfrey at the scene of the shooting while explaining why a call was made to a phone that may have been in the vicinity of Baby. For his part, Birdman says he was not involved in any plot to murder Wayne and wants to help find the shooter. I bet he does.

UPDATED: Baby recently spent 2 days speaking with Angie Martinez in Miami about his beef with Wayne. Power 105 will air the full interview Tuesday afternoon on Angie’s show, but they provided a quick preview this morning. That video will not play for me, so here’s Complex’s recap. Basically Birdman expresses disappointment in Wayne for taking their fued public and states that if his protege does in fact end up leaving Cash Money, that Nicki Minaj and Drake “ain’t going nowhere”.

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