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Drake – Charged Up (Prod. by Noah “40” Shebib)

Wimbledon 2015 - Day 1 - Celebrity Sightings

Earlier this afternoon on his OVO Sound show on Beats 1 Radio, Drake dropped “Charged Up”, a track that doesn’t call anybody out specifically, but is clearly aimed at Meek Mill and to a lesser extent Funk Flex. Listen below.

UPDATED: Looks like we’ll be getting some sort of response from Meek on Monday. A full stream of yesterday’s OVO Sound Radio episode has been added below.

He also dropped two other new joints, “Hotline Bling” and “Right Hand” produced by Vinylz and Frank Dukes. Check those out below.

UPDATED: CDQ’s of “Hotline Bling” and “Right Hand” added below.

Previously: Meek Mill Said Somethings About Drake on Twitter

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One Response to “Drake – Charged Up (Prod. by Noah “40” Shebib)”

  1. Tweet Mill Says:

    lost all respect for Tweek Mill – first you start the beef and say your street crazy and don’t mess with street dudes and you don’t have a button, blah blah and you don’t take shit back. THEN THE FUCKING VERY NExT DAY! you start sneak apologising and saying shout out to drake let him be great, and explaining your self… let me re phrase that – justifying yourself (in hopes that 6god) won’t get mad – saying you the “REALEST” . So drake just straight up disses you on a song and not on twitter. And what do you do? you fucking jump on twitter and respond there, are you a fucking rapper? are you the same Meek claiming – “Whoever thought lil’ ol’ Meek Milly’d pass Jigga?
    I’m just thinkin’ a tad bigger” – on Stand Up on your album? OMG FUCK OUTTA HERE Tweet Mill. Pass Jigga tweeting maybe. So you have a chance to respond in a hip hop manner and back up all that tough talk – instead you show us that your basically an internet thug. Not only did you fail to show up at Hot 97 like a lil biatch scared cat – but you hop on stage and start fucking expounding to a nicki minaj crowd how your only upset he gave you a verse written by someone else…Instead of just dropping a fucking song. But lets be real you couldn’t even handle Control i guess it was too much to ask for. Why don’t you take some of that yelling and yell a diss. I mean it was handed to you- it would have been SOOOOOOO FUCKING EASY – so many things you could have dissed drake on

    1. getting slapped by diddy
    2. getting extorted by birdman
    3. using a fucking ghost writer and claiming crown – even after rapping on his song FEAR, and i quote “And I could use a writer just to balance out my flows
    But I never share my thoughts, this is all a nigga knows
    And every time I try, it opens up my eyes
    These verses are a chance to be remembered and reprised
    And I would be performing this as long as I’m alive
    So every word I utter will be mine”
    4. kissing madonna
    5. dropping a mediocare album what the sales and charts say
    6. fucking the girl of HIS dreams
    … could go on forever – this would have been like taking candy from a baby for you and you dropped the ball…LAMMMMMMEEEEEE

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