Birdman (Allegedly) Throws a Drink at Lil Wayne in LIV

The ongoing Lil Wayne vs. Birdman beef reached absurd proportions last night when the Cash Money founder (allegedly) tossed a drink at Wayne while he performed on stage at Miami’s Club LIV. The video above does not show the actual incident, but purports to show the immediate aftermath.

TMZ reports that sources who were in the club at the time confirmed that the drink was thrown by Baby, who you can clearly see perched in a 2nd floor VIP section right above Wayne’s head in the short cellphone video. First the Young Thug fuckery, now this shit. None of this will end well.

UPDATED: More footage of the incident has been added below. You can see a couple of drinks come from the general direction of the grassy knoll where Birdman was standing, but it’s hard to say exactly who threw what. TMZ says people in the crowd were throwing drinks in Baby’s direction as well. I have no doubt this will be analyzed like the Zapruder film.

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