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Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Eminem on Public Access TV


This is so deliciously random and bizarre. Stephen Colbert, heir to David Letterman’s Late Night throne and one of the GOAT political commentators of our time, interviews Eminem on a random public access TV show broadcast out of Monroe, Michigan. How did this come about? Who even knows? Colbert isn’t from Michigan, he’s from Charleston, SC. Marshall, whom he introduces as a “local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music”, is from Detroit.

And this is not just some tossed together viral clip either, it’s a full 40 minute show. Em’s interview doesn’t even start until 22 minutes in. The two discuss some of Marshall’s Michigan born musical influences, whether he considers himself more of a political rapper or a “booty” rapper (or, a “street” rapper like Wil Smith!), the cleanliness of his lyrics, his retirement plans, his new song “Phenomenal” and much more.

Only In Monroe indeed.

Spotted: 2DBZ

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