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Raekwon on His CL-95 Linx Beach Jacket

In honor of the year-long 20th anniversary celebration of his solo debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Raekwon has commissioned a special edition “Linx Beach” jacket based on a timeless ‘Lo classic. The custom designed piece pays homage to one of the most iconic Polo items ever manufactured: the highly sought after Snow Beach jacket.

A brightly colored snowboarding pullover that instigated many a beatdown in the early to mid 90’s, I think it’s fair to say that the original ‘Lo jacket probably owes about 50% of its popularity to Raekwon himself for immortalizing it in the “Can It All Be So Simple” video.

Now, I don’t speak for all ‘Lo heads the world over, but I’m guessing that this is not something that most true collectors who were actually around during the era of the original would rock in public. Personally, I’d just throw on my real Beach because honestly, what can fuck with the original? That being said, this is pretty sweet piece of Rap memorabilia and I wouldn’t mind having one of these bad boys for my “cool rap shit” collection.

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