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Next Up + Video Premiere: Salomon Faye


Salomon Faye is a hodgepodge of every New York borough and it’s no surprise why. Growing up in Harlem, living in Brooklyn and bouncing around each of the Big Apple’s sectors the 22-year-old emcee is wise beyond his years and has learned a whole lot just from living in his neighborhood.

Born in Paris to a Senegalese father Faye has a more diverse background than most New Yorkers who venture to clutch a mic. He moved to New York at a young age and hasn’t left the area. It’s there where his music career was born before he ever decided to put his thoughts to wax. The rich cultures of New York City and its surrounding areas constantly provide inspiration for The iLLuzion emcee and it’s obvious when you listen to his music.

“Harlem gives me a particular perspective of the city. [It shapes] my taste in music, soulful music, my taste in apparel, women. I really love [it]. Black is beautiful. Even growing up in Harlem and being an artist I ventured out of Harlem to cover the whole realm of New York. I spend a lot of time in Brooklyn as well. I’m real familiar with the underground scene over there, the nightlife scene, the hip-hop scene over there. But currently my focus is in Harlem.”

Recently releasing his latest EP, Stimulation to noticeable acclaim, Salomon has finally given the world a solid body of work while expressing who he is and what he wants to become. It has also warranted attention from other creatives in the hip-hop world without a major platform, something Faye finds encouraging.

“Earl Sweatshirt was talking about downloading it via iTunes or Spotify just to listen to the EP and he don’t even fuck with Spotify. It’s been getting a lot of love. It’s my first full body of work and it’s taken a couple of years to produce and doing a project independently without any funding from external sources takes time.”

Salomon Faye has been fortunate enough to call music his career. His recognition has room to grow and his skills he says are already “lightyears” ahead of what he has already shown the world. He’s currently working on his next body of work and he isn’t rushing it.

“The process of cultivating a career in the business around the nature of my creation has given me a certain insight within life and the functionality of natural things, the universe and how things work… I do what I want to do and work to sustain a living off of it and then create a platform for others to do the same. I share these insights through my expression and the development of my understanding that comes out in my music.

“Everyday is the art of becoming and it’s just a matter of knowing who I am, which is just an accumulation of the actions I’ve taken thus far and executing the ideas that come to mind from the things that I’ve learned and the results that’ve come from the previous things I’ve done. I’m just someone experiencing life and just an artist expressing whatever values and principles I’ve learned and broadening my idea of creativity every step of the way.”

– Paul Meara (@PaulMeara)

VIDEO PREMIERE – “Black Power”

Latest Release:

Banner photo via Salomon Faye’s Instagram

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