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Apple to Pay Drake $19 Million to Make Playlists?


The New York Post is reporting that Apple, which is preparing for a major relaunch of its iTunes Radio platform, is looking to throw money at a number of celebrities to enlist their help in publicizing the service. According to the unuconfirmed report, the hardware and digital music giant has been negotiating with artists such as Drake, David Guetta and Pharrell to retain their services as “guest DJ’s” on the revampded streaming music service. A figure of $19 million has reportedly been dangled in front of Drake to help close the deal.

Who knows if any of this is true, but if it is, I would imagine it’s probably more of an endorsement deal than just the “guest DJ” gig it is being described as. Because otherwise, aren’t they effectively tossing obscene amounts of money at these guys for what amounts to putting together playlists? It’s likely that for $19 million, Drake will slip an exclusive new track or two into his set lists every now and then, but damn that’s alot of bread to pay for the privlege of passing somebody the aux cord.

UPDATED: Billboard has confirmed that Drake and Pharrel are negotiating some kind of involvement with Apple’s new offering, but a source shot down the $19 miliion number.

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