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Exclusive: Gangsta Boo Announces “Candy, Diamonds & Pills” Album, Reflects on Three 6 Mafia’s Legacy

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Words by Paul Meara (@PaulMeara)

When it comes to brash, unfiltered and wild personalities in hip-hop, Gangsta Boo is damn near the top of the list. From her on again, off again relationship with Three 6 Mafia and its later formed affiliate group Da Mafia 6ix, Boo–like many other veteran emcees–faces an identity crisis. She knows her beginnings and heart remain with the group she left in 2000 but also wants to be known as a separate entity, not unlike Three 6 co-founder Juicy J.

Recently speaking with NahRight around the time of the 20th anniversary of where it all started for the Memphis native–Three 6 Mafia’s debut album, Mystic Stylez–Gangsta Boo talked about her own legacy but wanted to dish out some details on what she’s been working on herself. While she’s revealed the title and sparse details about her forthcoming project, Candy, Diamonds & Pills via social media, little is known beyond that. Boo says her next musical release will take her out of exclusively doing hip-hop and into a creative realm she never thought she’d be in.

Candy, Diamonds & Pills, the title comes from because I’m a punk rock fan and my boyfriend puts me on a lot of punk rock songs,” she explained. “I will walk in and hear him play [that music] and run out the house thinking that he some fucking loser listening to a bunch of ratchet [music]. But once I started listening to it just like people started listening to Three 6 it was like, ‘Aw, these motherfuckers are saying something.’ Candy, Diamonds & Pills comes from a group called Dramarama and the song is called “Anything [Anything],” and in a verse he saying, ‘I give you candy, I give you diamonds, I give you pills, I give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills.’ I was like, ‘Oh shit!: Candy, Diamond & Pills!’”

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Gangsta Boo’s last project release was 2014’s collaborative effort Witch with La Chat. She reflected on creating the album and while it was something that was figuratively a long time in the making, Boo notes that it wasn’t done correctly. She also says that if she had the chance she would’ve done it all over again or not at all.

“It was good and it was something people wanted to hear but it didn’t turn out right because it wasn’t a lot of promotion on it,” she explained. “It was just too much going on at the time. I was on tour with [DJ] Paul. We put out that album because people wanted to hear it and we did it but it was a lot of, lot of mistakes being made with that project and if I could take it back I wouldn’t have even done it like that. I would’ve probably just did it and gave it out for free instead of selling it… Or I probably wouldn’t have done it at all, I probably wouldn’t have made it so dark, I probably would have made the cover a little [lighter].”

Finally, Gangsta Boo reflected on her own career and also losing Three 6 Mafia co-founder and primary emcee Lord Infamous in 2013. Many other members of the group have noted that Lord was a key player in getting the collective back together and forming Da Mafia 6ix a few years ago. Boo also reflected on her involvement in Three 6 and says she’ll never forget her roots.

“It was real hard. It’s still kind of weird,” she said. “Sometimes I think about him like, ‘Damn, I wonder if Ricky was still around, would Da Mafia 6ix have dismembered again?’ It was his heavy influence on Paul to be like, ‘What are you doing dude? Give these people what they want.’ When he passed it was a lot of pressure on everyone because here it is, we got back together after so many years minus Juicy, [we’re] putting together a tour and then for the key member to die. Fuck me, that’s Paul’s nephew that he grew up with, that started doing music [with him], that came up with the name ‘Three 6 Mafia,’ that wrote so many hooks and inspired Paul in so many ways. I’m sure he was way more hurt than me he just doesn’t show a lot of his pain. It definitely had a super impact on the group.

“I can’t run away from where I started. I began in Three 6 Mafia, I’m going to obviously end in Three 6 Mafia… I am Gangsta Boo, I am the first lady in Three 6 Mafia, I have done a lot of cool stuff with my career with budgets and without budgets and I’m still floating around. I think it’s only fair that I make my brand bigger.”

Photos via Gangsta Boo’s Instagram

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