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Video: 38 Spesh ft. Styles P – Body Bag

The thing you need to understand about Rochester, NY is that it used to be an economically vibrant city that has seen many of its neighborhoods turn into desolate wastelands following the decades long decline of the U.S. manufacturing industry and the subsequent loss of jobs to foreign laborers who will work for pennies. In that way, it’s alot like hundreds of other small towns and cities across the country, including myself and SP’s own hometown.

And so you get these isolated, insular hoods where the drug game flourishes and people feel like shit is hopeless because it sort of is. Looking at this video, which was shot on Rochester’s Chili Avenue, I can’t help but think how that could be any number of run down, drug infested strips in Yonkers.

And it’s sort of ironic in a way because it’s not like there isn’t any money in these cities. Kodak and Xerox still have a presence in Rochester and Yonkers is spending millions tearing down the projects and building shit to attract people with disposable income. But man, in some areas the struggle is still so real.  Anyway, Spesh and P let them niggas from the other side know they’ve got a stack of body bags to fill if they want to bring it.

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  1. Belize Says:

    LMAO @ this write up. yonkers is mad gully looking tho

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